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A graphic novel translation by Shirley Smith Graham and Earnest Graham,of the biblical books of Jonah, Esther, and Amos. The books are translated in their entirety, verse- by - verse. The graphic novel is in black and white, complete with a study guide for use in groups and with children. It is for sale through Church Publsihing, and other book sellers. The stories of Jonah, Esther and Amos give us a picture of the unlikely people God chooses to act in the world. Through the stories of Amos, a shepherd called to be a prophet to people in the highest places of society in ancient Israel, Jonah- a prophet who runs from God's will, and Esther - an orphan and exiled Jew who is called to be the Queen of Persia, the reader is provided a fascinating assortment of the kinds of people chosen by God.
Published by Church Publishing Group in 2008

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