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Earnest is an experienced artist and illustrator, an Episcopal priest, a teacher, a bible translator, a husband, and a parent. His work in graphic translation reflects the sum of the gifts, skills, disciplines and experiences of each of these areas in his life.
"I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.",
               Mother Theresa of Calcutta


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My Vision for Creating Bible Comics (Graphic Translations)

As an artist, teacher and priest, I see the potential for the comic format to translate the Holy Scriptures in exciting ways:

  • it can represent ideas and images in ways tht words alone cannot
  • it can provide a background to the story and fill in gaps that may be left out in the decisions of translations
  • it can bridge the distance between the ancient world and the modern world.
  • it is able to cross language and cultural barriers
  • it is able to represent different cultures in the artwork itself and allow it to speak to new groups

I seek to create such translations and share them with people in a variety of formats, electronic and in print.

I seek to work with writers, artists and biblical translators to create graphic translations of books of the bible, most of which is untouched by this media.

  • To communicate the word of the bible to a visual generation
  • To encourage others in this work